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Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

Born in 1983, Pierre-Elie de Pibrac started photography in 2009. He's always had a strong link with photography with his grandfather Paul de Cordon. Since committing himself fully to the art of photography in 2010, Pierre-Elie’s relationship with the medium has been intense. He searches for themes and then immerses himself in the subject for months at a time, carefully choosing his cameras and experimenting with the genre, be it documentary reportage, pictorial abstraction, or visual staging.

"To achieve my projects, I need to immerse myself deeply in the lives of those I will follow, which is why I always go to the country where I will do them, at least 8 months, with my wife and my children who are also decisive elements allowing me to develop my projects.

Behind my images, there is a real artistic philosophy. Depending on my projects, I try to pose many technical and artistic challenges so that the process of shooting, as well as printing and the presentation of the final work, is fully in line with the subject.

Photography, for me, must systematically have a human dimension because it is always born from an emotion, an exchange, and an encounter. I like to do photography between the documentary and the staging to let the subject express himself, compose with me, through the medium that I propose to him to use as tools of expression." Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

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