Worlds in the Making
by Nicolas Henry
AT Rhapsody we are
Elevating photography to new heights


The Photoclimat season gathers 3 renowned artists around photography and the promotion of the famous Parisian outdoor festival :

- Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 3 photographs from Earth from Above.
- Nicolas Henry, 6 photographs from Worlds in the Making.
- Namsa Leuba, 5 photographs from Illusions.

The three featured artists represent the diversity and power of photography as a tool for environmental advocacy and social change.

Photoclimat is a charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness on environmental and social issues and promoting other NGOs through a common passion: photography. Every two years, talented artists will be showcased across 10+ locations in Paris, with an expected attendance of over 5 million visitors.

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What is Rhapsody Curated

Rhapsody is a community of collectors, artists, and institutions who share a love for photography. We strive to expand the horizons of traditional art by providing a platform for discovering and collecting the finest art projects from the world's most renowned artists.

Through Rhapsody, we bring together leading artist-photographers who have already made their mark in the art market. These artists collaborate on periodical thematic releases exclusively available on the Rhapsody platform.

In addition to our artistic endeavors, we seek to educate the art world about the vast potential of NFT technology. By encouraging adoption among collectors, artists, and institutions, we hope to help establish NFTs as a standard in the art industry. To achieve this goal, we are actively developing both blockchain technology and legal frameworks for art in the digital age.

Just as a photographer selects the perfect paper to showcase their artwork, the NFTs used for their art must be flawless to elevate the artist's work.

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