Launching Rhapsody’s Limited Editions

March 9, 2023

Breaking news: Rhapsody is launching a new editorial line of editions to run alongside its current 1/1 series, starting with Catharsis #1.

catharsis #1

Launching Rhapsody’s Limited Editions

This first season will feature the greatest artists of the photography world and present their most iconic works as well as brand-new creations. And here's the best part - collectors of Catharsis #1 will be first in line before everyone else to collect the following editions.

It will be released in yearly seasons, this one beginning in March and concluding in December 2023: 8 parts, one every six weeks, featuring artworks from Rhapsody’s artists and community.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters who have been with us from the beginning and give a larger group of people the chance to become part of the Rhapsody community through incredible works of art.

We’re expanding the Rhapsody family

Looking back on our progress since September 2022, we couldn't be more thrilled with the releases we've put out so far. However, we recognize that our 1/1 series may not be accessible to everyone in the NFT and photography communities. We want to change that and make our artistic vision and curation more inclusive and available to a wider audience.

With the introduction of Rhapsody's limited editions, we're excited to gather a community around the amazing projects and ideas we have in store for the rest of the year. These editions aren't just for the web3 community - they'll also open the door to a different type of collector and help more people enter the world of NFTs.

As fans of photography, digital art, and NFT culture, we're building Rhapsody’s Limited Editions to be more flexible with the art we showcase, including everything from generative art to digital and AI art, while always staying true to our passion for photography.

A mission of ours is to promote collaboration between renowned photographers from the traditional world and artists who have contributed to web3 culture, leveraging the incredible potential of NFTs as a new medium of creation. We're thrilled to bring together two worlds and explore the possibilities of this exciting new frontier.

For Rhapsody’s artists and growing community

Our 1/1 photographs now range from 1 to 3 eth but editions will be available with prices starting from 0.02 eth. We're committed to keeping our editions affordable for our community.

We truly believe in supporting the artists we work with, which is why we won't be taking any commission on the sale of our editions. This means that 100% of the revenue from each sale will go directly to the artists themselves. To make this possible, we'll be keeping 20% of the available editions for ourselves and some for the artist as well, to be determined with each edition.

By releasing our editions at different predetermined price levels, we're able to generate some revenue to continue pushing the envelope on new creations while working closely with artists and institutions to dream even bigger and better. Our goal is to make sure that our editions are accessible to as many people as possible, while also ensuring that our artists receive the support they deserve.

Introducing Catharsis #1: Capturing the Energy of Dance

Let us introduce you to the first season one limited edition, Catharsis #1.

The photograph showcases abstract forms using the energetic and dynamic movements of the dancers in the representation of the sleeping beauty ballet in the Paris Opera. In this first edition, you see Eléonora Abbagnato, playing the princess, and Mathieu Ganio, playing the prince.

The artist has a very personal and unique approach to capturing dance through his lens. He wanted to showcase the energy that dancers radiate during performances and how it diffuses into the surrounding space. The result is a powerful image that tells a story through its distortions and movements. When looking at this photograph, we feel the energy and emotion given by the dancers.

To create the effect of movement in the photographs, the artist transformed an old camera that belonged to his grandfather. It took more than 6 months to find the perfect setup while he was living with the dancers. He finally succeeded just before the representation he photographed to create the series. No one else can recreate this ever so specific camera in the way that he made it. This is his personal interpretation of the ballet in the best form he could imagine, blowing our minds in the process.

Collectors of 1/1 can mint this edition for free

Priority for minting Rhapsody artworks will always be given to 1/1 collectors and, later, full-set edition holders. For the first edition, Rhapsody’s 1/1 collectors can mint for free (more details below).

Does the edition have a utility?

No utility. Art for art. Although the next editions might be easier to collect if you have a previous one. We are setting up an allowlist system where the core base of collectors who have a 1/1 or a full set of editions from Rhapsody will be prioritized.

Join the allowlist

We will be curating this allowlist so our closest community members can mint the piece. You might stay in without doing anything but we encourage engaging with us on Twitter for the best chance to be included. Turn notifications on!

The minting process, (Edition of 150)

Stage 0:

  • Airdrop 20% to Rhapsody
  • Airdrop 10% to the artist

Stage 1:

  • Who: Rhapsody and Artist’s 1/1 collectors allowlist.
  • Time: 30/03 5pm UTC/12pm ET for 24 hours.
  • Price: Free
  • Limit per wallet: 1
  • Max Supply: 20%

Stage 2:

  • Who: Rhapsody and Artist’s Community allowlist + Rhapsody and Artist’s 1/1 collectors allowlist.
  • Time: 31/03 5pm UTC/12pm ET for 3 hours.
  • Price: 0.02 ETH
  • Limit per wallet: 2

Stage 3:

  • Public Mint from 31/03 8pm UTC/3pm ET (24 hours)
  • Price: 0.05 ETH
  • Limit per wallet: 2

Stage 4:

  • If some editions are left at this stage, they will be distributed evenly between Rhapsody and the artist.