On re-launching the Rhapsody discord

March 30, 2023

Join the newly reformed Rhapsody discord! Along with the launch of Limited Editions, we are reopening the Rhapsody discord for our growing community of collectors, artists and photography lovers.


Engaging with the community

As we patiently wait to announce the next curated series (which you definitely shouldn’t miss), we have prepared the launch of Rhapsody’s Limited Editions with the first release of Catharsis #1 on March 31st.

This release brings new opportunities for a community of photography lovers to engage more actively as a wider and broader range of collectors are now entering our world of curated photographs.

A new platform for community engagement

We want to engage with you and exchange ideas around photography and NFT, but Twitter is changing, and, even though it’s essential in the NFT world, we don’t know where it’s going.

We do know that it isn’t the best place to interact and exchange in a more meaningful way with people from our community. It lacks the depth of relationship and conversation that discord will allow us to have with everyone. That’s why we now open a remodeled server to welcome all of our collectors and followers on a much more community driven platform.

We invite everyone to join the discord today to meet and exchange with the team:

N3L (moderator) ; 0xMaximus ; Julien0x ; Lucas Zanet

News, content and events

It’s important for us to help people go beyond the art and explore the world of each artist. The discord will be a place for everyone to enjoy the content we create around photography and NFT. From photographer interviews, to photobook reviews and live conversations with the artists we represent, this place will be the perfect meeting point for everyone who enjoys our curation and vision for NFT photography.

Some perks and general rules


  • Restricted channel for 1/1 collectors
  • Restricted channel for Limited Edition collectors
  • Very cool badges coming soon
  • Chats with photographers and the team


  • Be excellent with each other. We have zero tolerance towards hate speech or harassment of any kind.
  • NSFW (not safe for work) content is not allowed.
  • No spamming. This includes posting Discord/affiliate links or flooding channels with images/links/text.
  • Stay vigilant! Beware of scams. Never share sensitive information like your private key or seed phrase.