Rhapsody at NFT Paris - Elevating photography to new heights!

March 6, 2023

We had an insane weekend at the biggest fair for the NFT community in Europe, meeting people from all over the world with the same passion for technology and art.

nft paris

NFT Paris, now one of the major events of the year for the NFT community, was held just a few weeks ago and we were thrilled to be a partner and be able to showcase the art we offer on our platform. After months of patience waiting for the event, people were finally here, in Paris and at the Grand Palais éphémère! The crowd came from all over the world to discover the amazing speakers and events planned for the weekend.

Last year's first edition hosted only 500 people, while this year saw the biggest crowd ever for the Grand Palais éphémère, making it the largest NFT event ever organized in Europe. 18 000+ visitors over two days, 100+ nationalities and 200+ journalists!

As for us, we had the opportunity to participate in NFT Paris, setting up our space focused on photography and made quite an impact on the whole event with a tremendous booth, maybe the highest of the fair!

For a bit of context, we received the news that we would be there just one week before the event and had to plan everything in that time. The booth was the biggest undertaking as we wanted to create something perfect for the NFT crowd and the organization that trusted us.

The idea was to make a big white wall that would be similar to the style of traditional galleries and museums, separating ourselves from the gamified visual identity of most NFT companies, projects and galleries while offering a clean and neutral support for the art we showcased. The goal was achieved, thanks to our partners Initial Labo and Metropole who worked day in day out to finish the structure in record time while advising us on key points that made it perfect.

We also had two enormous Samsung The frame screens to showcase the photographs which looked insane, especially with North Korea by Stephan Gladieu.

The whole weekend went perfectly and people loved the photographs of season one: Humanities and the newest announcement of Rhapsody’s Limited Editions launch. It definitely got a lot of interest as people were signing up to the allowlist despite some wifi problems at the Grand Palais. The edition is set to be released on March 31st for the allowlist and promises to be a great start to this new editorial line.

Photography is Major

It was amazing to see a lot of photography while walking through the art sector! NFT Paris had a strong emphasis on art but also provided a lot of room for projects such as Arianee and Poap, which are doing incredible work in web3.

As for us, with an amazing year of 2023 planned already with world-class artists and events, we were excited to have this platform and present some of our upcoming projects, including the Limited Editions.

Overall, a lot of actors were present and it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with others from the NFT photography space, some we had met online but never IRL and some we didn’t know at all.

On stage we could even see a very instructive panel on photography with Jean-Michel Pailhon, Justin Aversano, John Karp and Misan Harriman.

The most amazing thing however was the amount of traditional people that didn’t know NFT but came to understand a bit more about the technology and use cases. A lot of artists came by the booth and, as we usually do, we were very happy to explain the technology and how it applied to art and photography more specifically.