Namsa Leuba

Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain

They are some of the most famous paparazzi in the world.

Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain are internationally renowned photographers known for their striking and thought-provoking work.

Over the past four decades, they have made a name for themselves in the world of paparazzi photography, capturing candid and unguarded moments of celebrities in various settings. Their photographs were on every magazine cover in the world, from the pope to the president of the USA, they have done it all.

In addition to their work in paparazzi photography, Mouron and Rostain have also gained recognition for their unique artistic project, AUTOPSY: This artwork features a collection of discarded objects and materials from the trash of celebrities, elegantly arranged against a velvet background. The arrangement of these items is meant to reflect the history of civilization and consumerism while creating an unusual figurative portrait of these celebrities

The large-format images are meticulously constructed through the organization and composition of the materials, and the use of design and packaging vocabulary.

Two books emerged from Floriane’s photo series: "Inside Views" at Nazraeli Press in 2008 and "How Much Can You Carry?" in 2014 at Filigranes. Floriane is represented by the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago and the Laurence Boué Agency in Paris.

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